Brantley Gilbert – Big Flats, NY – Friday, June 1, 2018

Brantley Gilbert: The Ones That Like Me Tour

Brantley Gilbert: The Ones That Like Me Tour
With Special Guests

Aaron Lewis
Josh Phillips

Friday, June 1, 2018
Budweiser Summer Stage
Big Flats, NY

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Brantley Gilbert Announces The Ones That Like Me 2018 Tour
Winter Tour Kicks Off February 1st in Worcester, MA, More Dates To Come
With Rolling Stone Citing Devil Don’t Sleep Best of 2017, It’s Gonna Rock

Nashville, TN: Brantley Gilbert spent all of 2017 taking his music to the people. Working the Rust Belt, the Heartland, the mid-South, the deep South and the Northeast, Gilbert knows it’s the people who make – and keep – the music strong. As Billboard said of the Georgia born’n’raised songwriter, “Brantley Gilbert knows his audience. With a pair of platinum albums and nine of his singles being certified gold, platinum or multi-platinum, Gilbert’s music strikes a chord with people.”

And that’s exactly why he’s calling this year’s tour The Ones That Like Me 2018.

“People tell you all kinds of things about marketing,” Gilbert says of his tour’s name. “But I want to call it something that speaks to what this tour is: a chance for me to get together with all the people out there who get this music, who believe in these songs and live their lives just like the people back home do. We are all proud Americans, who try to stand up and do the right thing. That isn’t marketing, that’s life – and that’s what my music is made of.”

Having spent the summer playing – and selling out — hard ticket dates in amphitheaters, as well as handful of festivals as headliner, Gilbert got to look the BG Nation in the eye. As he’s home waiting for the birth of his first child, he’s reflected on the power and the heart of those people, and he’s even more determined to give them a show that gives back everything they are!

“I say every album is a chapter of my life,” Gilbert explains, as the first 9 dates of his tour go onsale. “It’s real, even when it’s simple – because life is pretty simple, even when it’s rough. ‘One Hell of an Amen’ looks some tough stuff in the eye, and stands tall. It’s how I was raised, and I think everyone in the BG Nation feels it the same way. So these aren’t just my songs, they’re the songs of all of our lives. When I get back out there, man, we’re gonna have even more life to lift up and celebrate.”

The Ones That Like Me 2018 kicks off February 1 at DCU Center in Worcester, MA. The initial leg of what promises to be Gilbert’s most gauntlet-throwing live experience yet – one that dials back the pyro and turns up the musical intensity – is slated for 36 concerts. Joining the hard-hitting songwriter is Staind’s Aaron Lewis, who’s been making country albums with iconic Nashville producer Buddy Cannon (Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, Alison Krauss, Jamey Johnson).

With The Devil Don’t Sleep debuting at #1 for physical sales and Just As I Am winning the 2014 American Music Awards Favorite Country Album, Gilbert connects with the flyover. When Rolling Stone assessed the Best of Country and Americana so far this year, Gilbert’s soul-scraping album – written completely by the Georgia native – made it on the list alongside progressive truth tellers Willie Nelson, Chris Stapleton, Jason Isbell, Allison Krauss and Nikki Lane.

Deeming it “the soundtrack to Friday night in small towns everywhere,” critic Jon Freeman wrote, “Where the majority of bro-country’s standard bearers switched up their approaches upon Chris Stapleton’s coronation as country’s new king – softening their sound with boy band-flavored pop or moving away from the party vibe to more adult songwriting – Gilbert stuck to his guns and released his best album yet with The Devil Don’t Sleep.”

Entertainment Weekly concurred declaring, “With swaggering guitars, catchy hooks, and a DGAF attitude, Devil promises to keep the ‘One Hell of an Amen’ singer at the top of the country charts.” NPR offered, “the tough guy tentatively wading into introspective territory…Gilbert is acutely aware of what keeps his audience feeling connected to him — that his fans, branded the BG Nation, identify with his bellicose tone, his defiant posture, the contempt he aims at any hint of condescension, the slight suggestion of softness behind the sneer.” For more ticket information and more dates visit

“THE ONES THAT LIKE ME” tour is for the fans that come year in and year out – the hardcore, the lifers, the BG Nation.

Coming off the most successful tour of his career this past summer, Brantley was blown away by the love and support he received and returned home determined to thank his fans the only way he knows how…with a new tour that’s just for them. From merchandise and set lists that fans will help create to so much more, this tour will have something for everyone and is Brantley’s way of saying to all of his fans, “This one’s for you.”

Brantley Gilbert

“The ones that need me got me

The ones that doubt me can’t stop me

Even the ones who said “forget him”
you bet they ain’t forgot me
You either wanna hit me or hold me

Those who hate me don’t know me

The ones that don’t trust anybody, trust me

The ones who like me love me…”

The Devil Don’t Sleep

Brantley Gilbert lives in Jefferson, Georgia rather than – like so many country stars — Nashville. It’s not that he’s not serious about his music, or his career, but somethings run deeper. Or as he sings in “Grown Ass Man” from his platinum Just As I Am, “I got a home.” That home is rich with life, truth, friends, history – and those are the raw materials that have made Gilbert one of only four country artists with back-to-back platinum certified albums.

For Gilbert, who won the 2014 American Music Award for Favorite Country Album for Just As I Am, every album is another chapter in the life the unrepentant good ole boy has led. Whether it’s raising hell, standing tall or bottoming out, Gilbert’s truth speaks to the heart of blue collar life in the 21st century: hard working, fun loving and deeply committed to the people he loves.

With The Devil Don’t Sleep, the songwriter/rocker delivers sixteen songs that consider life after letting go of the bottle. But this is not a sober record: it takes on love, getting the girl back, finding the thrill in the moment, standing up for those you love and remaining vigilant in a world filled with temptations and bad deals.

“Every love song I’ve ever written,” the man nominated for the CMA Song of the Year for Jason Aldean’s “Dirt Road Anthem” admits shyly, “has been about my wife. Meeting her, loving her, losing her – and getting her back. Life takes you a lot of places, but how I felt about Amber never really changed.

“The rest of the album are songs from my life. ‘Bro Code’ isn’t what you think. It’s putting a guy on notice about how he’s treating his girlfriend – and ‘Bullet In A Bonfire’ tells an abusive old boyfriend how it’s gonna be. To me, that’s what it means to be a man: stand up for the people who need it, especially women.”

Again working with Dann Huff (Keith Urban), the slow burn electric guitars, crashing drums and acoustic flourishes define the heavy country fused with hard rock edge of Gilbert’s musical attack. Not for the faint of heart or the hardcore traditionalists, these songs are the anthems of the BG Nation, a fan-base so devoted they braved the worst of winter to make last year’s Blackout Tour of arenas across the heartland standing room only and his summer Take It Outside shed tour sold out all the way through two packed night’s at Denver’s iconic Red Rocks.

With the worked hard for it lead single “The Weekend” and The Madden NFL 17 track “It’s About To Get Dirty,” Gilbert continues his full-throttle take on letting off steam. That velocity continues in the title track, “Bullet In A Bonfire” and the forewarning “Tried To Tell Ya.” All the high impact you’d expect from the man who’s run with bikers, almost died and come back stronger than ever.

There’s a sexiness present, too. From the silky ballad “Baby Be Crazy,” where Gilbert recognizes the power of a woman to pull him back, the creeping realization that she’s “In My Head,” the hip-switching funk of “You Could Be That Girl” and the slow groove return to the one you first loved “Way Back,” Gilbert shows a romantic streak that suggests how deep his passions truly run.

There’s a more thoughtful undercurrent on The Devil Don’t Sleep as well, songs that have less bombast and more room to think.  “We’re Gonna Ride Again” is an elegy for one who’s gone, the pensive truth-taking “Outlaw In Me” considers who he is and the stark salvation ballad “Three Feet of Water,” a simple piano part and a more reserved vocal deliver a mortal man to redemption.

“Forgiveness is a matter of choice and surrender,” says the preacher’s son. “It’s a promise we’re all given, but we have to make the decision. Then we have to work hard and remember why we put here.”

Part of why Gilbert was put here is to serve as a talisman for his fans. Singing for the unrepresented, the unheard and the unseen, he gives voice to the heart of America. It’s simple truths, the kind of basic common sense and grace that gets lost in the talking heads, the cognoscenti and the powerbrokers who forget this country runs on real people doing actual jobs and not worrying about how they’re seen.

For Gilbert, who’s done USO Tours, put together and headlined a benefit show for 80,000 on the river bank in Chattanooga after a sniper killed 5 servicemen at a recruiting facility, met with countless Make-A-Wish kids and wrote the #1 “One Hell of an Amen” to celebrate a life lost after a hard fight to cancer and a pair of friends – one who died in the other’s arms – in the Middle East, it’s how we hold each other up that matters. It’s also what made The Devil Don’t Sleep take so long – and be so large.

“I don’t make fast albums: I have to live my life, let it sink in and then write the songs,” he explains. “For me, I don’t rush the music. I want it to be right. But then I also want to give the fans as much music as they deserve. To me, this is a conversation – and these songs are catching them up, telling them about what’s happened since Just As I Am.

“There’s been a whole lot of good. There’s been some time to think. And there’s also been a whole lot of real. Knowing you can get to a good place is one thing, staying here is another. That’s why this record is called The Devil Don’t Sleep: he doesn’t, and you’ve always gotta be aware. You don’t have to live in fear, just know and pay attention.”

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